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So today at work I was talking to someone in the 'cube' near me. She's fairly new, just started with the HR group. She's in her early thirties, married, with a 2 year old child. She mentioned that paychecks where scheduled to hit on Christmas day, and was wondering if it would go in the day before or the day after. I said something along the lines of how I keep forgetting when paychecks happen. She said something like 'I wish I could do that.'

It was then I realised, once again how very lucky I am right now. Ten years ago I would know when I was getting my paycheck, and hoping I could make it until then. There was a time when money kept me up at night, cause friction in my life and my marriage, and stressed me out beyond belief.

Now I'm married to someone with a good, stable, job. I don't have to worry about when or if the electric bill will be paid. If my car breaks, I can afford to fix it. My paycheck, which isn't much, is there for me to be able to buy presents for family and friends at Christmas. I'm safe, and cared for, and stable.

I don't say this to brag, or anything. Just to say how very grateful I am to be where I am now. To be with a man who loves me, who is there for me, and who makes me feel safe and secure.

My life for so many years was fraught with fear, and uncertainty an unhappiness. I know there is no guarentees, but for now I am safe and happy and very, very grateful for everything I have.

Falling down on the job

Yeah, still not posting like I said I would.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. I thought it might help me jumpstart my sequel to Strange Business. It actually did help. I'm about 15,000 words in, and a vague plot is taking shape. So yay.

Poor Charlie is still looking for a job. His bus boy gig ended when the restaurant folded. Very sad. I worry he will take after me and never hold a job for long. I mean, logically I know I'm being silly, but ya know. Worry.

Hopefully he'll take after his step-dad in the long run.

Other than that, not much else is going on. It's a good thing. I like have a stable, boring life. :)


My work is trying to go all out for Halloween this year, with a company wide costume contest and all. I don't know that I'm eligible, as I'm not part of a 'team' (we're a call center, so each team works for a different health insurance company) but I'm probably going to dress up anyway. I'm planning on wearing my Susan, aka the Doctor's granddaughter, dress, so probably only one person will know who I am. Maybe.

Charlie is feeling a bit down about not having a reason to celebrate Halloween this year, for some reason, which makes me sad. I really wish he would find a group in college so he can have friends and do college-y things, but I can't do it for him, and I know he'll find his own way. He seems happy enough overall, so all I can do is hope he finds something soon. Meanwhile he's decided to go to my sister's house and take his young cousins trick-or-treating so he can dress up, so he's at least found a way to be involved in Halloween. I shouldn't worry so much about him, maybe.

It's hard, parenting someone who is technically a grown up. I can't do the mum things I used to be able to do to try to smooth life's bumps in the road. I know he needs to learn to do it on his own. That goes for any kid, but doubly I think for one with specical needs, because I really want him to be able to adult on his own someday.

I do hope he gets another job soon. Right now he just goes to school, only talks to his one friend, and then is home in the basement on video games the rest of the time. He needs to get out. He's trying, at least. Keep your fingers crossed.

On Defense of Essay Writing

My BFF's daughter asked for my help on an essay she has to write for her college class. This is a class she had to take because her writing skills didn't pass the wonderful standardised testing students have to take (eye-roll). She already failed it once.

I'm only pointing that out because I kind of helped her by adding to her essay, instead of telling her to do it herself, and some people think I shouldn't have done that, as she needs to learn to do it herself. Which - yeah, probably, but I was helping her via TEXT mostly, which is not the most conducive way to tutor someone, she was right up at her deadline, and I felt kind of responsible, having been the one who gave her the essay topic in the first place.

In her defense (and mine), she did what she was supposed to. She had an opening paragraph, three main points that she proved with examples, and she sited her references. What she didn't do was expand on her points enough. Mostly what I did was add to what she had so her points were stronger.

If there was more time I might have just said 'you need to expand on this, here are some ideas' but there wasn't. And truth be told I had a blast working on it. I love writing essays. I'm pretty good at it. I used to help my sisters when they were in college, and they turned out okay, so I don't really think I've robbed anyone of their education.

The topic was 'Romeo and Juliet was not a love story'. Her three points were 'Romeo was more in love with love than anything', 'Juliet was too young to really get love' and 'the whole thing took less than a week'. Also I told her to point out that Shakespeare very deliberately made a point of the timeline in order to show how impulsive R & J were. Which is totally true. The time of day is mentioned in the beginning of the play, and then it's emphisised that it's Monday the day Tybalt is killed. Which was basically the day after R & J met. It's really fascinating when you read the play with that in mind.

I'm rather hoping her teacher is impressed with the topic, because I don't think it's one that many people get. And now SHE knows, so she did learn something, actually, thank you very much.

My lungs hate me

Been having allergies/asthma all weekend. No fun. I don't really get attacks that often, but when they happen they really suck. I am at work today because I don't feel quite bad enough not to come in, but I can tell it's going to be a long day.

So, I'm really sort of annoyed at Charlie's former place of employment. While logically I know there are probably sound reasons behind this, we went to eat there on Saturday and it was PACKED. And there were bussers. Why didn't they hire Charlie back? I want to know. It just made me affronted on his behalf. Charlie doesn't seemed too fussed, though.

Saw a production of Henry V on Saturday. It was the American Shakespeare Company, and they are a professional group, and were quite good, but I wasn't completely sold on the Henry. I have very high standards for that role. I wanted to get chills down my spine when he did his big rallying speeches, and I didn't. He didn't do them badly, and he had a decent amount of charm and charisma, but it just didn't quite get to the level I was hoping. He was young, though. There was this other actor who was basically the chorus who would have been SO much better as Harry.

I'd always wanted to see a live performance of Henry V though, so I'm happy. It was a well done production. My old director from the Shakespeare company I was a part of basically stole their production ideas and used them with us, so it made me a bit nostalgic, too.

That's about it for me today. How are you?

Last night I dreamt I took the TARDIS back in time to meet Richard III. He was taller than I expected. Then I was chatting with Anne, his wife, while she was drawing some kind of portrait, and she mentioned her year-old daughter, and I was sad because I knew the daughter was going to die.

Did Richard and Anne have a daughter that died in infancy? I've no idea. I may have to look that up.

Not sure where the Doctor was during all this, but I was hanging out with Clara, so he must have been somewhere.

I don't have anything to say

But I don't want to fall back into the habit of not posting on LJ so here I am.

Oh, actually, I do have something interesting to write about!

I follow Ken Levine's blog - he's a television writer, and he's very interesting. Anyway, he'd written a play, and had documented as this small theatre in LA did it. I said something on his blog about how cool it would be if my local theatre did it, and he actually responded and said 'omg yes.' Long story short, he gave me his email address, and that of his agent, we talked, my theatre decided they wanted to do it and so now we're doing it!

And the coolest thing is, he's going to fly out to see it!

Yes, I am going to give him a copy of my book.

He actually knows the guy who is currently ghost-writing the Castle books. He'd mentioned this guy on his blog once, and I'd made an educated guess at one point what I thought the name of the actual writer was, so I said 'oh is he that guy?' and he deleted my comment. I asked him via email if it was because I guessed right, and he said yes. He said the people in charge are keeping it mostly a secret until the show goes off the air.

Which will probably be at the end of this series, if the new showrunners have anything to say about it. They are determined to hit every 'the changed it now it's ruined' trope possible this year, I think. Sigh.

Have I mentioned I hate 2-parters?

So the first two episodes of Doctor Who were part of a two-part story. Castle did the same bloody thing. And we - that is my husband, my Brilliant Friend kirathaune and myself - have been watching Jonathan Creek (blame binge-watching QI) and the episode we watched yestereday was a 2-part one. And then Bloody Doctor Who went and did it again with this week's episode. Arugh! I hate waiting.

At least this week's Castle wasn't a 2-parter. Although I'm less than thrilled with the whole story-arc thing. Still, the episode was fun, so I'm not too fussed.

In non-television news, unfortunately Charlie got laid off from his first ever job. I hope he's not taking after me in this case. The place he was working is very new, and they just can't afford bussers at the moment. I'm unsurprised, because he was only working 1 night a week. I have a feeling they kept him as long as they did because they liked him.

Fortunately Charlie's been working a couple days a week a my office. I quite enjoy having him around. It made me giggle a bit to myself, remembering the times I had to take him into my places of work for various reasons, and now he's here again, only this time as a grown-up!

Hopefully he'll find a new job soon. He's looking. He likes working. I know he likes having his own money.

Oh, I got my first royalty payment. Less than $20, but still. Go me.

So...the Muppets

I've watched the first two episodes of the new Muppets and, while I don't hate it, it just mostly makes me want to watch the original Muppet Show.

The old show was for the inner child. Actual children could watch it, and get it, and enjoy it, sure, but I always felt it was for grown-ups who wanted to indulge their childish side. The humor was subtle, it worked on two levels at once, for the children and for the adults.

This new one is focusing on 'oh, look, Muppets for grown ups' and forgot to put the heart into the show. It's probably impossible to do, given that Jim Henson has been dead these past 25 years. The 2012 movie managed to capture some of his essence, I think, but I believe that's because it was more of a homage to Jim H and the original Muppets, rather than a 'reboot'.

My biggest complaint is Miss Piggy. In the show, and the original movies, she behaved like a 'diva' but she wasn't actually the big star she thought she was. The other characters indulged her because they loved her, deep down, but her antics were (mostly) harmless because she didn't have the power she thought she had, and wanted to have.

In this new one she IS the star, and now her behavior is just grating and unpleasant. There's no charm in this new Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy with the power she used to only think she had is no fun at all.

I've been a Muppet fan since I was a toddler, thanks to the fact Sesame Street came out when I was around 2 years old, and I loved the Muppet Show when it was on in the 70's/early 80's. I liked all the movies to varying degrees, although the only one I really loved post-Jim Henson was the Christmas Carol one. (I did love the new 'The Muppets' but, again - I felt it really captured the heart of what the Muppets were)

I wanted to love this new show, but I don't see it happening.

And yes, I took Miss Piggy way too seriously in this post, didn't I?

Book Festival

I had an exhibitor's booth at the Collingswood Book Festival yesterday. I even sold a book to someone I didn't know! And I sold a few books to people I do know, so I left with fewer books than I started with. I consider that a win.

My Brilliant Friend kirathaune made me these great business card things that have information where people can find the book, and my Facebook page and all that. She also made me the beautiful sign you see in the photo. My publisher sent me mints and pens I could use as a giveaway, so I felt ever so professional.

It was a good day overall. Tiring, but fun. I'm really glad I was able to do the festival. It was a definite accomplishment. Next stop, being


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