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Charlie's wanted to go to Montgomery County Community College since he found out he can learn how to develop video games there. It also makes sense from a financial/social standpoint - because of his Autism, he's slightly behind in his social skills, and he's young anyway - he'll not even be 18 until September, and he said he didn't want to go away to school. This way he can get some courses under his belt and in 2 years transfer to a 4 year college.

Today Charlie received his official 'acceptance' letter from MonCo. He was really excited.

I cried a little.
Charlie end of race 2
Miss Piggy (by brinshannara)
I just signed a contract for The Wild Rose Press for my book, Strange Business (originally titled Working Over Time).

I'm very excited. It's a small press, but it's legit, and they have a good reputation. I have an editor and everything.

I'd sent in sample chapters and the editor turned it down, with suggestions for edits. She said I could make the changes and send it back, so I did - her edits really made it better too. I hadn't realised how 'passive voice' it was.

I came up with the idea for the book on this very journal, years ago. I'm really happy that I stuck with it.

I unlocked another life achievement!


Writing stuff

charlie's mum
So I've been working on a book. For ages now, actually. A friend of mine has been published at this small, mostly online, publishing company, so I decided to send it to them. It got as far as an editor, but then she rejected it because I used too much 'passive voice'. She did say I could revise and send it back to her, so I did. I finished re-editing my manuscript, and sent the 3 sample chapters to her today. She emailed me back and said she's looking forward to reading it.

So...either I totally can't write NOT in passive voice, and she still won't want it,  or I'll have done what she said, but she won't like the story.OR just possibly, she'll accept it.

Not sure what I'll do if it gets rejected. It's a good story, I think. I'm quite proud of it, and honestly help she gave me really made me go back and make the story stronger. I think it's even better than before. So...if it gets rejected, maybe I'll try elsewhere. Or maybe I'll just publish it myself and hope people buy it. :)

So wish me luck!

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

charlie's mum
I haven't posted in ages. And I noticed people posted on my June entry (sheesh) but I don't think I ever got a notice on it, so I thought, probably, that no one was interested in what I had to say.

Facebook. Eating everything up. life, an update. It's still good. Husband2.0 is great. Really great. Like end of a happy movie great. Not sure how I got so lucky, but there you go.

Charllie is 17, and has his driving permit. Guys...17! I started this journal when he was 6. He's an amazing young man. He wants to study computer programing/game design. He's almost 6 feet tall now.

I sent a book I wrote to a small publisher called Wild Rose Press. They mostly liked it, but the editor rejected it because of reasons, but she told me I could do some revising and send it back so I'm working on that. Fingers crossed, okay?

Went to the 2nd annual Doctor Who convention this past weekend. It was ever so much fun. The highlight for me was telling Colin Baker my idea for a tv series that I think he, Sylvester Mccoy, and Peter Davidson should do. I said the world needs a show where the three of them play guys travelling around the country in a caravan solving mysteries. He really liked the idea. He really did. I just hope he says something to Peter Davidson and they share a laugh at le.ast

So how are you, LJ?


Anglophile (by katiethewriter)

I know, I know, I've woefully neglected my LJ lately. Life and stuff, I guess.

But...I'm feeling nostalgic, so here I am.

I do think, possibly, that a large part of my ignoring LJ lately is that my life, actually pretty darn good. I'm feeling content and happy, and I no longer feel like my life is perched on quicksand. My new marriage is now 2 years old and still just as good as it was when we first met. I"d stopped believing in soulmates, but I'm re-thinking that again. It's amazing how well we fit together.

Charlie is on the verge of finishing his junior year of high school. I'm having slight difficulty with this. He's so...grown. He is, still, an amazing person. He's gotten involved in this Unitarian thing - his dad started taking him to church (and yes I'm slightly jealous that it's HIM and not me that got Charlie involved) but he loves it. He's even on the 'DYSC' committee this year. I'm very proud of him.

He just took his SAT's too.

He wants to go to Montgomery Community College to start because they have a Computer Game Design program, and he's decided that's what he wants to do. I'm glad he has a goal. Even if he changes his mind, having something to look to is a good thing.

I've been cooking a lot lately. Well, I've always cooked, but I've gotten totally into finding recipes and making stuff from scratch, and it's fun. I even made my own Salsa today. And I've made my own teriyaki sauce, even. I am working, but I get home by 2:30, so I have time to make proper recipes.

I sometimes think I'd like to take a class so I can learn how to make my OWN recipes, but it's still fun to make stuff. Charlie is always an appreciative recipient.

My little family will be back in the UK next summer. That's something to look forward to. Hoping to meet up with some internet people again then.

And that's it for me. How are you?

Charlie, 2013-2014

Miss Piggy (by brinshannara)
And here's Charlie. Remember when he was blond? And little?

Charlie Pic


Long Island Who

Anglophile (by katiethewriter)
So, I thought I would post a few photos from the Doctor Who convention I went to. It was small, in Long Island, but it was really wonderful being amongst my people.

My Brilliant Friend kirathaune helped me with my costumes. And, of course, by 'helped me' I mean 'totally made them for me'.

So without further ado. Here are some photos.

This is me with Fraser Heines. I am, as you see, dressed as Sarah Jane Smith.


Me and a fellow Sybilline sister. It was so cool - we saw each other across the room and embraced like we were old friends. SO many people stopped for our photo. I felt famous.

Doctor Who

Me and Kira and Sylvester McCoy. Kira dressed as River both times. She looked awesome.

Everyone was so nice, which was totally unsurprising. And the variety of costumes were amazing. One person dressed as 'Bad Wolf Bay', even. And there was a woman who was dressed as Mrs Foster, which was awesome. Next post I'll show some other people's costumes.


I aint'nt dead

Hamlet's LJ (by tzikeh)
You know those times when you realised that you haven't spoken to a friend in awhile, and you think 'I should really call that person' but then you don't, and then days go by and you start feeling guilty that you didn't call, and then it just gets harder and harder to pick up the phone because you can't help but start to think that friend probably doesn't even want to talk to you by that point?

That's how I feel about LJ. I have defected to FB for the most part, and I post stuff there - nothing near as interesting as the conversations we used to get up to here, and the longer I went without posting anything here, the more I thought that no one would really want to read it anyway. And my paid account ran out and I didn't re-up it, so I don't have all my user icons or anything.

And I do have things to talk about, really. Good things. Maybe that's why I haven't posted. My life, in start contrast to some of my older posts here, is pretty darn good. My new marriage is good, my son is good. I went to England which was super good, but that was over a year ago now, and I just don't know if anyone wants to hear about it.

I did go to a Doctor Who convention in October. I could share those photos. That was pretty awesome.

Charlie - who was six when I opened this account - is now sixteen going on seventeen, a junior in High School, and doing fairly well. He likes his new school, he's getting decent grades, and he seems to have friends to hang out with at school.

In fact, just today I got an email about some parental seminar regarding selecting his course schedule for next year. I started to say to Charlie 'You'll be picking out your classes for the last year of high school,' but I couldn't get the words out because I started to cry just a little bit.

So this is me, picking up the phone. Hopefully some of you still want to talk to me.

Been Away for Awhile

Anglophile (by katiethewriter)
I'm so sorry. I just neglect LJ any more. Part of it is because I'm not commenting much on everyone else's post, so I feel guilty posting here, and expecting responses. I guess Facebook really sucked up my internet-ness.

All that being said, I figure I ought to tell anyone who's left about my trip to the Long Island Doctor Who Convention.

It was so much fun. It's so great being amongst people who share my fandom. There was this guy in behind me and my friend, and the Doctor Who theme went off somewhere, and he said 'ah, the song of my people.' Totally true.

Got to meet Sylvester McCoy, which brings my total of meeting Doctors to two, having met John Perwtee thirty (yikes) years ago.

7th DoctorCollapse )Doctor Who

I'm dressed as a Fires of Pompeii soothsayer, and my friend is dressed as River. She has several River costumes and she rocks them!

Also met Frazer Hines. He was really nice.

Here's me in my Sarah Jane costume with a guy dressed as the 4th Doctor because, duh: Eldrad MUST liveCollapse )DSCN0241

I loved that costume. My brilliant friend Kirathaune made it for me and it was totally screen accurate. Totally. So many people stopped me for photos I felt like I was famous.

There was another woman dressed as a soothsayer, and we actually hugged like we were old friends. It was so great. Lots of people wanted my photo then, too. I had the eyeballs on my hands and everything.

In Real Life things are good. We finished our renovation, which I guess can be a photo post for another day. It looks wonderful, and it is amazing to have the kitchen that I always wanted. Everything has its place, and there is SO much room. We have a 2nd bathroom now, which is also great.

Charlie is doing wonderfully. He made honour roll this term, and all his teachers love him. He seems to be socialising more this year, too, which is great.

Marriage is still wonderful. It's pretty nice, I must say.

My dad does not have lymphoma, which is awesome, but he does have some rare thing they are having trouble diagnosing. Whatever it is, it's curable, but in short, my father is an episode of House. We're pretty optimistic though.

And that's it for me. How are you?


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